Students Went HOME Due To OPT DELAYS | OPT Issues Explained!

Students Went HOME Due To OPT DELAYS | OPT Issues Explained!

Why Students couldn’t start internships on time due OPT Delays?


H-1B visa: Amid OPT work permit delays, foreign students reportedly losing internship opportunities

What’s Inside the Donald Trump STEM Plan?

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11 thoughts on “Students Went HOME Due To OPT DELAYS | OPT Issues Explained!

  1. 10:29 Arizona Congressman 😠🤬
    America me AJP( American Janta Party )bana do 😆😅😁

  2. So this is like bad for undergraduates right… Graduates get their opt easily?

  3. If you’re confident enough about yourself and strong enough to face anything and everything that’ll come your way while doing your U.S dream then sure go for it also if you’re “ameer😉” enough than don’t think much just go,
    _And if you don’t meet any 1 of these criterias then you should not take risks better go Canada and later decide, coz at the day’s end it all will depend on your skills and not where you’ve learnt those skills from!!_
    “Forgive me for any time G error, have never taken a Grammar class🙄☹️”

  4. My big observation is students don’t know how to get a job in America, that is one of the main problems! The colleges teach good information on how to do a job in America, but many colleges fail to teach international F1 students on how to network and acquire a job in America. Because students don’t know the best way to get jobs in America, they struggle to get a job in the allotted amount of time. How you get a job in your home country doesn’t always work in America, and likely will be very different. 😃

  5. I’m approaching 80 days after my OPT application was received by USCIS, but they still haven’t updated my case status online. I did receive the letter that contained my receipt number. I’m anxious to get answers. I hope this gets fixed soon because I start on July 1st.

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