Jamaicans to travel to USA without visa? & Morelyfe promo

Jamaicans to travel to USA without visa? & Morelyfe promo

A news article recently stated that the USA had made changes to its visa waiver program and had added 10 new countries to it to include Jamaica, which means Jamaicans would no longer require a visa to enter the USA. In this video we do some fact checking and bring details as well as promo a new artist we have discovered called MoreLyfe. Like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.

10 thoughts on “Jamaicans to travel to USA without visa? & Morelyfe promo

  1. excellent video.I really enjoyed seeing it.
    Keep going .Got a sub from me.
    I would be glad about it if you support me as well 🙏 😊 ❤&✌

  2. You cant vote while living in Puerto rico , n seriously u know visa free travel is all bull crap

  3. Only Jamaican people in it only Jamaican people, why is it that we Africans don’t get fooled by this, why block people so stupid, you really think I don’t know, Trump will allow you to enter his country, and he’s trying to get rid of black people as well as Puerto Rican Xin whosoever that is not white American, please black people, educate yourself, man fucking, educate yourself.

  4. Mmm think about it to mek dem come so dem can see how wi ah live how wi have to get up every single day to go ah work ina rain n ina snow….

  5. I’m a proud 🇯🇲 I’m sorry to say if that ever happens America would never be the same….me no want all ah dem here fuck that

  6. The traditional way of being approved for a Visa is the best way. All that glitters Is not gold. If Jamaica was entered into a Visa waiver program, I believe it would further risk the sovereignty of the country. In this life, you don’t get something for nothing. But then again, Jamaica is still a colony.

  7. Something this significant would have been reported by multiple sources if it was true.

  8. Nonsense.
    Another thing, that ap is not the Associated Press, AP.
    You guys need to do research… Google is free!

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